Donna Jordan Dusel(non-registered)
Hey Gerry!... this is your 'old school marm' Donna Jordan Dusel... I heard through the Buffalo Museum of Science Grapevine - Sharon Dentice that you're now back in Buffalo! ... [I'll be the guest speaker for the Museum Camera Club - not until April of 2024]... Your images look AMAZING on your site here!... Looks like you're still doing very creative and exceptional work!... (Since I've been retired from teaching, I've been exhibiting with the BSA and with the East Aurora Art Soc., and, I've done an extended waterfront project)... Great to see all of your very talented, and artistic photos here!... Enjoy the rest of your summer!... take care... Donna
Jim Foster(non-registered)
Great wildlife pictures from a talented photographer.
Paul Drajem(non-registered)
Fantastic work
Mary S Spiering(non-registered)
There is a definite peace and serenity in your work....Love every one...Thank you for sharing.
Patrick Germick(non-registered)
Excellent dimension and vibrancy. Thank you!
robbin mizener(non-registered)
Absolutely spectacular photos. These are beautiful testimonials of co-existing with the creatures of the earth.
Gerry you do a great job of capturing the animals personality. you make them look at home in their environment. I especially like the photo of the sea otter.
Jim Milewski(non-registered)
Very nice stuff. You have a great eye for composition and you must have a lot of patience.
I love your photos. You are extraordinary. They're so beautiful and calm. Your wildlife photos are so unique. Wonderful Work! Continue Success... : )
Dreamweaver Designs(non-registered)
Wonderful photos, Gerard. Every detail is sharp and distinct - even droplets of water splashing. Love the composition. Thanks for sharing some of your work.
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